Body Sculpting Packages Are Now Available!  Too many specials to mention, please call for pricing today!  

We are pleased to announce our body sculpting maintenance and treatment packages to customize your treatments. Remember that summer bodies are created now, so don't wait until June or July to get started!

If you can spare a half hour twice a week for two weeks we can tighten and tone your abdominal muscles -just like 20,000 crunches at the gym! If you have a problem area we have a fix for you. We have added Vanquish ME, Cellutone, Exilis and Emsella to our body sculpting line of equipment. Call Now 603-883-3550.


For those of you who have had a full EmSculpt treatment you can go onto an annual maintenance program.


Call today to get our special pricing!  


1. Mommy Makeover: Works on abdominal muscles, adipose tissue and skin to help you regain abdominal tone, decrease circumference and tighten. It also includes treatment for pelvic floor muscles which stretch during pregnancy and delivery. This treatment package is a great way to get back into shape no matter when you have had children. It includes: Vanquish ME 4, EmSculpt 4, EmSella 6, Exilis 6, and Cellutone 6.  Call today for special pricing!  


2. Rock Hard Abs: The equivalent of 20,000 crunches per session! This package targets the abdominal wall to help you increase core strength and obtain those six-pack abs. It includes: EmSculpt 4 (Special pricing going on now!  Call us today!) 

Add on: Exilis 6 for skin tightening fat reduction $900 (regular $1,500).

Add on Vanquish ME 4 for $600 (regular $1000).


3. Better than Brazilian: Lift, Firm and Tighten the derrière!! Get that great look you have been dreaming of! It includes: EmSculpt 4 (Special Pricing!  Call today!)

Add on: Cellutone 6 for posterior thighs for $600 (regular $900).

Add on Exilis: 6 for the Banana roll $900.


4. Couples Abs: Save money when you pair up! The EmSculpt must be done together in order to receive your special pricing. (Special pricing call today!)  Add on a package of Exilis 6 for $900 each person (regular$1500).

Add on Vanquish ME for 4 for $600 each person (regular $1000).


5. Fear No Sneeze: Do you leak a little when you cough, sneeze or play sports/exercise? If you answered yes than this package is for you! Emsella 6 (Special pricing $1500).


6. Dimples belong on your face: The Cellutone is for you if you would like to decrease the dimpling on your legs, abdomen or derriere! Cellutone 6 (Special pricing $900).

Add on Exilis 6 for $900 (regular $1500).

Add on Vanquish ME 4 for $600 (regular $1000).


7. Goodbye Bat Wings: Tone and Tighten your upper arms biceps/ triceps. EmSculpt4 (Special Pricing!  Call today!) Add on Exilis 6 for $900 (regular 1500).


8. Gobble no more: Bothered by loose skin and fine wrinkles on your neck? Exilis 6 (special price $900). Add on Sublative 3 for $300.


9. Smiling eyes: Help tightening the upper and lower eye lids. Exilis or Pelleve 6 (Special price $600) add on Sublative 3 for $300.


10.  Lip Lines be gone: Whether you smoke or never have we know lip lines can be a problem! Treat those fine lines around the mouth using Exilis 6 (Special pricing $600).  Add on Sublative 3 for $300!


11.  Beach Body: Beach Bodies start in the fall and winter! This package targets the body like you have never been able to before! Emsculpt base package are being specially priced now.  Call today and customize with add on services.

(Add on services priced at 40% off regular pricing).


12.  Facial Rejuvenation: The best we have to offer without injections for your face and neck. This package includes treatments for your face and neck to tighten and brighten your skin. This is a combination of Intense Pulsed light, Radiofrequency and exfoliation. Exilis or Pelleve 6, Sublative 3, IPL 3, Microdermabrasion or Chemical Peel 1 (Special Price $1500).


13.  Ageless Face Over: This package includes the Facial Rejuvenation package along with Chemical peels, Juvederm fillers and Botox. You will receive special pricing on the add on services. This package will be customized to your needs. (You will receive $100 off each syringe of filler, Botox or Xeomin at $12 per unit, Peels at $100 each) *


14.  The Ultimate Ageless Makeover: For the total transformation package that includes face and body treatments, this one is for you! Call today to get our VERY special pricing when you combine the Beach Body Package with the Facial Rejuvenation Package or the Ageless Face Over Package.


*Note: Other than the Couples Package all packages must be used by the same person. Unused Packages and portions of packages will not be reimbursed. There are no guaranties as to cosmetic outcomes of treatments as persons may respond differently. Packages must be used within six months of purchase. Noninvasive body sculpting is not intended to take the place of eating healthy and regular exercise but is meant to augment your healthy lifestyle.


Ageless Medical Spa is happy to help you achieve your beauty goals in any way we can. We look forward to working with you!!


“For beauty that defies the Ages”


February only:

Set up a full ONE YEAR consultation with Dr. Gregory for only $50!  

  • Find your specific path of action that will help you look and feel your best!  There are a lot of choices at Ageless for many different issues, Dr. Gregory will eliminate all the worry, and will set up the best solutions for your skin type, body shape, etc.  This consultation will cover everything you will need to do for an entire year. In addition, you will be given $10 off every month as you proceed down your newly acquired plan of action.  This means that not only will you look and feel your best by year's end, you will also have saved $70 by the end of this journey that you are finally taking just for you!  

  • This consultation includes helping you solve your cosmetic concerns including both facial and body solutions.  An in-depth analysis of your specific best solutions to issues that concern you will be devised and scheduled during this consultation.  

  • Do not miss out on this exciting opportunity, as it will only be offered February of this year.   

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