Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)



What does Intense Light Treat? 

The IPL provides skin rejuvenation by treating aging and sun-damaged skin.  It can treat a number of brown and red pigmented skin problems including age and sunspots, Melasma, freckles, facial veins and Rosacea.   The IPL can also be used for acne treatments, leg veins and skin toning.


How does it work?

Intense pulsed light treatments use a broad spectrum of high-energy light to treat the pigmented areas. The light energy is absorbed by the pigment, melanin, which causes this pigment to be released from the cells.  This released pigment can then come to the surface and exfoliates off.   The process may take a few weeks to be completed. The treatment for red flushing or veins may be immediate or may also take a few weeks to complete. 


Does it hurt? 

For most people there is minimal discomfort.  Cold compresses or anesthetic creams may be used; however most patients do not require them.


What will I look like after the procedure? 

Many people do not look very different immediately after the procedure.  You may be a little pink/red and puffy, or notice that brown areas are darker but this should subside in 1-7 days.  Your skin may feel tight or as if you hard been out in the sun or wind. 


What are the risks? 

As with any high-energy light based therapy it is best to avoid sun exposure before and after treatments for best results.  The risks of light based therapy include thermal injury and skin pigment changes.   You will be asked to use a daily sun block.


Who can be treated?  People with dark or very tan skin should not have intense light therapy treatments. It is safe to use on light skin.


Do I need a consultation?  Yes, We need to do a consultation.  We need to be sure you would benefit from the therapy and that there are no reasons not to perform the treatment. Many times we can do your procedure the same day if you choose to.


Who performs my treatment?  Your treatment will be performed by Dr. Peggy Gregory or by a licensed aesthetician that works with the doctor.