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​Regrow & Revive Thinning Hair!

First Picture December 15, 2021 (I had hair fiber filler in the back. Second picture January 17, 2022 after 4 sessions!

The last picture was taken on March 2, 2022 after 3 more sessions on an every other week basis!                 

Save on scalp Micro-Needling with PRP for hair restoration.

If you have experienced Covid hair loss or

just thinning hair in general this may be perfect for you! Dr.

Bleezarde has been working with this hair growth protocol on

Karen, our office manager for the past few months. Karen has

experienced fabulous results which some of you have observed

and is pleased to share her story and photos with you, our clients.

The Ageless hair restoration protocol will also include suggestions

for hair-growth shampoo, conditioner and vitamins (not included)

to work in combination with our micro-needling w/PRP protocol!

Results are typically seen in 8-12 weeks.

Introductory pricing 4 sessions for $1200 (save $800)

(Full protocol is 10 sessions $3000) (save $2000)

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